Yamaha Adventurer 2+2 golf cart

Adventurer 2+2

Deep in the DNA of The DRIVE® models is everything Yamaha learned from their motorcycles, ATV’s and watercraft, including the ability to build with fewer parts, which leads to lighter weight, which leads to superior hill-climbing ability, a virtually greaseless chassis and the lowest maintenance costs in the industry.  All models available with either the AC Drive 48 Volt electric power system or the EFI gas system

If you want more power, more standard equipment and pretty much, more of everything, the Adventurer 2+2 is made for you. Wrapped in a muscular body, this machine will easily climb mountains while it turns a few heads

Adventurer Sport

The Adventurer Sport  golf car is a utility vehicle to help you get any job done. Each comes with a multitude of standard features like a pneumatic-assisted tilting dump bed with up to an 300 lb. payload capacity. No matter the task, big or small, this trusted companion is ready to help you shoulder the burden.


Adventurer Sport Gas

Yamaha Concierge 4-Passenger

Concierge 4- and 6-Passenger

The Concierge 4-and 6- passenger golf car is designed to get you and your guests wherever you’re going comfortably and safely.

Equipped with a comfortable seat, a smooth, quiet ride and body lines that make you smile, the Concierge is more than a means of getting from point A to point B. Available in gas or electric, 4-passenger and 6-passenger configurations, the Concierge features the widest bench seats in the industry. Seats that are sculpted out of pure supple foam and shaped to provide exceptional passenger support, promote good posture and are equipped with armrests for comfort and security. The Concierge also has enough leg room for a basketball star and its independent front suspension will make you feel like you’re riding on air. Leave it to Yamaha to create a low-maintenance vehicle designed to please high-maintenance passengers.

Adventurer Hauler

The perfect vehicle for resorts, building supply warehouses and just about everything in between, the Yamaha Adventurer Hauler was designed to not only make your life a little easier but also help you get the job done right. So whether you’re hauling sheets of plywood or sheets to the honeymoon cottage, this is one vehicle that’s always there to lend a helping hand.

Yamaha Adventurer Hauler Utility Vehicle

Adventure Super Hauler Utility Vehicle

Yamaha Adventurer Super Hauler

With a super-size aluminum cargo bed the Yamaha Adventurer Super Hauler is big enough to handle all your super sized projects. With standard features like cushioned contoured bucket seats, a floor mounted horn, headlights & tail lights this is one reliable hauler that’ll always be there to save the day.

Personal Transportation Vehicle

Start with an idea:  that driving a golf car should be fun. Yamaha designed The DRIVE® PTV AC and EFI models from the ground up to be more comfortable, with the most headroom and legroom in the industry; more responsive with rack and pinion steering; more drivable, with coil and shock suspension; and all at speeds up to 19 mph.

With a 6.7 HP motor and the AC Drive System the electric PTV is the most efficient golf cart in its class, has the most horsepower, the best hill climbing ability and smoother acceleration.  Feel the torque!  Feel the power at every turn!

The technology, and spirit of the gas EFI PTV have more in common with Yamaha motorcycles, ATVs and watercraft than with ordinary golf cars. It provides smoother acceleration, has 34% better gas mileage, up to 76% less pollutants and the smallest carbon footprint in comparison to any other brands in the industry.

Yamaha YDR PTV AC Drive